Monday, September 10, 2007

Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories is the in-direct sequel to freeware game Knytt developed by Niflas. The Knytt series (and to an extent Niflas' other games like Within a Deep Forest) feature beatiful 2d landscapes, atmospheric music and sound effects, and addictive gameplay thats part adventure, part platforming, and 100% awesome. While the original Knytt had a story, it wasn't integral to the gameplay, and the games only downside was the relatively short ammount of time needed to complete it - Knytt Stories fixes this by adding a level editor, enabling players to design and create their very own levels set within the Knytt Universe. I'd highly reccomend this game to anyone with a PC, it's free, it's addictive and theres multiple types of gameplay on offer - whether you like to explore in a scenic and ambient enviroment, solve logic puzzles on your way to success, or negotiate challenging platforming obstacles, Knytt Stories provides this in spades, and the level editor should ensure that you're playing and sharing yours and others creations for a good while to come.

Niflas Games

Here's my first full level made with the editor entitled 'House Hunting';


To install just load up Knytt Stories, go to Intall Level and then drag the .knytt.bin file into the Knytt Stories window and the game will automatically install the level for you.

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